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This is a complete transcript of the episode Scramble the Orbs.


(in the lab)

Leo: Hey, Adam. Attack me.

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. I know how this works. First, you tell me to attack you, I say "no" and then you taunt me till I snap. It's not gonna happen

(Leo throws water bottle at Adam's chest)

Adam: (yelling) Oh, it's on, little man!

(two floating orbs appear behind Leo and fire a laser at Adam)

Adam: Oh, no! The Christmas ornaments are turning against us!

Leo: Nope, you just got pulse-waved by my latest invention, Attack Orbs.

Adam: Huh?

Leo: When they perceive a threat within five feet of me, they attack. They're mobile robotic bodyguards.

Adam: Uh, impressive. But have you ever thought about just lifting weights or working out?

Leo: I designed them to protect you guys from Douglas and Krane. If I'm going to be a true inventor, I have to start making things without Big D. And if I prove myself, maybe he'll eventually let me be his business partner.

Eddy: Right, 'cause every billionaire needs an incompetent relative who brings nothing to the table.

(Chase walks in)

Adam: Speaking of...

Chase: Hey, guys.

Adam: Chase, why are you attacking Leo?

Chase: What?

(Adam pushes Chase in front of Leo, and the attack orbs reappear)

Chase: Aah!

(attack orbs fire at Chase, who falls to the floor)

Adam: Awesome!

(Adam high-fives Leo, and the orbs fire at him)

Adam: Do it again!

(theme song plays)

... (at Tech Town)

Scott: Well, if it isn't my employee of the week and my weak employee. (laughs)

Chase: Good one, Scott. It's funny because she's bad at her job. Ha!

Bree: Yeah, well, I mean, I'd be better at it but I have things that get in the way like friends and a life.

Scott: Listen up, guys. It's time for Tech Town's annual design-your-own-app contest!

Bree: Does the fun ever end around here?

Scott: Yeah, usually when you show up.

(Scott laughs and Chase tries to copy his laugh)

Scott: Don't do my laugh. All entrants have 24 hours to upload their app to our website. Whoever has the most downloads by Friday wins a $500 gift card. And apply yourselves this year, I am so sick of winning.

Chase: Don't you worry, Scott. I'm definitely going to app-ply myself!

Scott: Uh, no more tech puns. A lady complained to corporate.

Bree: (chuckles) That was me.

Scott: Chase, no offense, but you're clearly out of your league. You're never gonna outshine the master.

Chase: The master? You clearly have no idea who you're dealing with.

Scott: Ah, how could you turn on me like this? I was your idol.

Chase: Yeah. Well, now you're my competition.

Scott: Sounds like you're challenging me. And no one challenges me. Except my mom. She's my ride.


(in the school gym)

Trent: Keep it going, people.

(Leo struggles to do a sit up)

Janelle: Hey, Leo.

Leo: Hey, Janelle. Fancy meeting you here while I am getting jacked. (flexes) Feel the burn!

Janelle: Are you done?

Leo: Yes.

Janelle: Good news. I got you front row seats for my play tomorrow night: "The History of Mission Creek: Two Hundred Years of Drought, Smallpox, and Cattle."

Leo: So, what role do you play?

Janelle: The founder of Mission Creek, Henrietta Schtump. It follows her as she spends 16 weeks in a covered wagon on a mission to find a creek. (Leo stares at her) Oh, you hate it, don't you? It's gonna be boring.

Leo: No, it won't. I'll keep the audience interested, even if I have to start the wave. Go smallpox!

(Adam walks over)

Adam: Well, howdy there, Miss Schtump.

Leo: Wait, wait. You're in the play too?

Adam: Yeah, I play the guy who gives her directions to the creek. Check it out. "Ma'am, you're standing in it."

(bell rings)

Janelle: See ya, Leo, good luck with that sit-up

Leo: Hey, I did one. It was spectacular.

(Trent walks over)

Trent: You know, I think you and I might have gotten off on the wrong foot.

Leo: That foot has been kicking my butt for three years.

Trent: Anyway, the school board says I got to be nicer to students. So I'm offering you a non-threatening hug.

(Trent aggressively hugs Leo, and the attack orbs appear)

Trent: What are those?

(the orbs fire at Trent and he falls on the floor)

Leo: Those...are working better than I expected.


(at Tech Town)

(Bree and others are huddled in a group, playing a game on their phones)

Chase: Bree, what's going on?

Bree: Scott unveiled his app early. It's a game called Cavity Crushers. Super addictive. You saving the world by smashing evil candy.

Scott: Uh, the candy's not evil. It's just misunderstood.

Chase: Who would ever want to play that stupid game?

(group of people all start cheering)

Bree: Apparently everybody.

Chase: Behold, my app, Structure Scan. You can scan any item, and it lists the elemental makeup of its molecular structure. Eh? (scans pen) This pen is 30% ink, 64% polymer, and 6% steel! Come on, people, how fun is that?

(Scott mimes yawning)

Scott: Attention, Cavity Crushers. I just unlocked a new level. Follow me. We're going to Lollipop Lane. Hoo-aah!

Chase: I don't get it.

Bree: Of course, you don't. See, these people are having what we call fun.

Chase: Well, structure scans can be fun.

Scott: Oh, sure they can. (mimes scanning Chase) Oh, look. 100% loser.

(everyone laughs)


(in the living room)

Adam: Ma'am, you're standing in it. No, wait. You're standing in it. You're standing in it! What do you think? Did you feel like you were standing in it?

Tasha: All 76 times. Honey, you're gonna be fine. It's just one line.

Adam: (gasps) The most important one line of the whole play. Without me, she never finds Mission Creek. It's the entire emotional thrust of the second act, Tasha.

(Donald walks in)

Donald: Hello.

Tasha: Donald, don't forget the school play is tomorrow night.

Donald: Goodbye.

Tasha: You're going!

Donald: Ah, come on. Shouldn't we be discouraging his acting career?

(Chase walks in)

Chase: Okay, guys, prepared to be wowed! My new app: Dirt Alert! It tells you the precise type of rock or soil that's beneath you and how long it's been there. You want to try?

(Donald and Tasha overlapped talking)

Donald: Oh, I can't. I got to go pretend to care about his play.

Tasha: Oh, uh, dinner needs to be made.

(Chase leaves)

Adam: Would you help me practice my line?

Donald: And miss the thrill of seeing it live? Not a chance!

(Donald starts to run away)

Adam: Ma'am, you're standing in it. Ma'am...the door was standing in it.

(Adam runs after him and Leo walks in)

Leo: Hey, Mom.

Tasha: Don't "Hey, Mom" me, mister. I got a call from the school saying you tormented the gym teacher with some crazy devices. What have I told you about taking things like that to school?

Leo: Well, technically, I didn't take them to school.

Tasha: Oh, so they just showed up on their own?

Leo: Exactly. We good here?

Tasha: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. We're not finished.

(Tasha gets close to Leo and the attack orbs appear)

Leo: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Tasha: Are these the devices?

Leo: Mom, stay 5 feet away from me.

Tasha: Excuse me, you do not tell me what to do. I will stand wherever--

(the attack orbs blast Tasha across the room and she screams)

Leo: Mom!

Tasha: Owwww.

Eddy: It's about time somebody invented something useful around here

(scene changes to Leo and Tasha sitting on the couch)

Tasha: What just happened?

Leo: How much do you remember?

Tasha: Leo!

Leo: Okay, the orbs I invented shot you across the room because they can't tell the difference between a real threat and a Mom threat. I'm not saying you're not threatening. You're scary.

Tasha: I want you to get rid of them. Now!

Eddy: Good news, Tasha! You went viral!

(a clip of Tasha being blasted across the room plays on repeat)

Tasha: Aah!

Leo: I don't know why you're so upset. You're gonna knock Puppy Farts right out of the top spot.


(at Tech Town)

Scott: Ten minutes left to enter, and mine is the most downloaded app by far. Aw, am I really gonna win again? Okay, guess I am. Victory lap!

Bree: No! Please don't run. It's just awkward for all of us.

Scott: Girls. (takes off running)

(Chase walks in and stops Scott from running)

Chase: Hold it, Scott. Hello, everybody, I'm back.

(everyone groans)

Chase: No, no, no. I have a new app.

(everyone groans again)

Chase: Say hello to your new BFF, Cheddy. The virtual assistant who does everything. Hello, Cheddy. What's going on tonight?

Cheddy: Good evening, Chase. I've ordered your favorite pizza, got you VIP concert tickets, and completed all current homework assignments. Is there anything else, sir?

Chase: That'll be all, Cheddy. He's available for downloading now.

(everyone rushes to download Cheddy)

Bree: Chase, what do you think you're doing? That is Mr. Davenport's technology.

Chase: No, he created Eddy. This is Cheddy.

Bree: I don't ch-care, you ch-stole his ch-idea.

Chase: Cheddy is the original version of Eddy, which was actually a very helpful program. It took him years to turn into the complete jerk we all know and loathe.

Bree: It is still Eddy.

Chase: You're not listening, it's Cheddy!


(in the lab)

Tasha: Leo, you ready to go to the play?

(Leo is shown with the attack orbs in two of the capsules)

Tasha: Why are those still here? I thought I told you to get rid of them yesterday.

Leo: Yes, but I ran into a little problem.

Tasha: What's the problem?

Leo: I can't turn them off.

Tasha: What? That's it, I'm calling Donald.

Leo: No! I need to show him I can do things on my own. Don't worry, I will figure something out after the play.

Tasha: You better. I can't handle anymore disasters.

Leo: You do realize we're going to see a play with Adam in it, right?


(at Tech Town)

Chase: Ha! My app is outselling Scott's ten to one. How does it feel to be related to the guy who's gonna win?

Bree: As embarrassing as ever. What are you so proud of? It's Mr. Davenport's creation.

Chase: (scoffs) Bree, people in the tech world borrow ideas from one another all the time. I doubt he'd even care.

Bree: Well, there he is. Why do you go ask him?

(Donald walks in)

Chase: Uh! Mr. Davenport? What are you doing here?

Donald: You're not gonna believe this, but someone stole Eddy and is selling him as Cheddy on the Tech Town website.

Chase: (high-pitched) Whaaaat? That's terrible.

Donald: (high-pitched) I know, it terrible.

Chase: You should go home and rest, I'll call the app police.

Donald: Oh, no, no. I'm not leaving until I find out who did it. You know what? Perhaps I should speak to a manager!

Chase: Oh, no. There's no--

Bree: (cheerfully) I'll get him!

(Bree brings Scott over)

Scott: May I help-- Oh, it's you.

Donald: Mm-hmm, it's me and I have a problem with Cheddy.

Scott: Oh, hear that, Chase? He has a problem with your Cheddy app. (laughs) I'll let you handle this one. Hoo-ah!

(Scott walks away)

Donald: Chase, I am really disappointed in you. You stole Eddy.

Bree: Oh, no, Mr. Daveport, you're not listening. It's Cheddy.


(at the school, Janelle is on stage and Leo and Tasha are in the audience)

Janelle: My goodness, this harrowing journey has cost us dearly, but we have to keep searching. We shall dump our dead relatives at the next trading post.

(Leo starts snoring, Tasha nudges him awake and he jumps up)

Leo: Go smallpox! Come on, people, got to get your hips into it

(Tasha pulls Leo down, Adam walks on stage riding a hobby horse)

Adam: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Tasha: Ooh, this it is. Adam's big line.

Janelle: Excuse me, good sir, I'm on a mission to find a creek. Pray tell, have you seen one?

(Adam starts to deliver his line, but then stops)

Adam: Line!

Tasha: (whispering from the audience) Ma'am, you're standing in it!

Adam: Quiet, Tasha, I'm trying to do a play!


(at Tech Town)

Chase: Look, I know you're angry. But if you hadn't invented Eddy, then I couldn't have invented Cheddy, so in a way this is all on you.

Donald: Taking credit for what isn't yours is wrong. Especially when what isn't yours, is mine!

Chase: Yes. I know, but everybody loves Cheddy and if I tell them that it wasn't mine then it could crush my reputation.

Donald: You're young, you'll recover. Or maybe you won't. I really don't care.

Bree: Again, I'll go get the manager.

(Bree brings Scott over again)

Scott: You're touching, you're touching, you're touching.

Chase: This is really difficult for me to say.

Bree: He didn't create the Cheddy app, he stole it. See? Easy.

(Bree walks away)

Chase: It's Mr. Davenport's. I didn't want to lose, so I tried to pass his technology off as my own.

Scott: You know, Chase, admitting that was very big of... your sister. Now, it's time for my victory lap. (laughs)

(Scott runs away)

Bree: Good news, Chase, your night's about to get worse. Everybody who bought the Cheddy app wants their money back.

Chase: What, why?

(across the room, groups of kids are on their phones)

Cheddy: Tickets to a movie? Sure. Which of your imaginary friends will be joining you? Nice shirt. Too bad about the face. Daily reminder. No one likes you!

Chase: Oh, no. Cheddy is using the computing power of all these devices to evolve into snarky Eddy faster

Donald: Never mind that. You also forgot that Eddy's software is self-replicating. He's gonna start infecting other devices soon.

Chase: Uh, I think he already has.

(the computers and television screen is taken over by Eddy)

Eddy: Hey, look! Now I'm annoying in HD!


(at the school, Leo is outside the gym getting food, when approached by Trent)

Leo: Trent! Hey.

Trent: I was fake nice to you, and you blasted me. All right, now the school board says I can't torture you physically, but they didn't say anything about taking your ticket and ruining your life.

(Trent grabs Leo's ticket and flings it across the room, and locks Leo out of the gym)

Leo: No! Hey! No! You can't do that! Come on! I can't believe I'm actually fighting to get into this thing.


(at Tech Town)

Chase: How are we gonna shut this thing down?

Donald: Well, we're gonna have to delete the app at its source. I can reset Eddy's mainframe from here. Unless you stole my app that does that too! Okay, as soon as I shut down and reboot the lab's network, we should all be Cheddy-free.

(at the lab, the lights turn off and on, the two capsule doors holding the attack orbs open. The orbs fly out of the room)

Eddy: What's happening? I'm pixelating! I'm pixelating!

Donald: (sighs) Okay. The Cheddy app is deleted. Crisis averted. (to Chase) Except for you, your crisis is just beginning!

Bree: (laughs) Woo-hoo! Victory lap! Yeah! (does victory lap around store while cheering) Hoo-ah!


(at the school, Trent is holding the gym door closed while Leo is trapped outside)

Janelle: (on stage) Let us stop here for tonight and set up camp.

Leo: (from outside) All right, Trent, you leave me with no choice. I am breaking the doors down.

Trent: (mockingly) Oh, no, please don't.

Leo: (from outside) Here I come. Ahhhhh!

(Trent steps away from the doors at the last second and Leo comes barreling through)

Trent: Aahh! Totally fell for it! (cheers)

(the attack orbs show up behind Leo)

Trent: Oh, no. Oh, the flying balls of doom!

Leo: How'd they get out?

(attack orbs go into attack mode, Trent and everyone else start to run away)

Trent: No! Out of my way! You're all losers! Oh, save me! Take that! Yeah! (attack orbs fire) Whoa! My shoes, these are my good shoes! Leave me alone! (orbs fire again) Aaaaah! Oh! Okay. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Save me! Save me! Save me! Oh, no! Whoa! Whoa! Dooley! Make it stop!

(Leo runs up to Adam, who is on stage)

Leo: Adam, help!

Adam: No, you help. Go ask someone what my line is.

Tasha: Leo, do something!

Leo: Working on it, Mom.

(Leo jumps to grab one the attack orbs, and starts flying around the room)

Leo: Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry. Get out the way.

Janelle: You are ruining my play!

Leo: I am flying around on a metal ball. Can we please not turn on each other right now? That's it. I can make them turn on each other!

(Leo hoists his body to adjust to the orbs and makes them fire at the same time, destroying both orbs and Leo falls to the ground. Donald, Bree, and Chase run in)

Donald: What'd we miss?

Adam: (on stage) Oh! Ma'am, you're standing in it.

(everyone reluctantly claps and Adam takes a bow)


(in the lab)

Donald: Leo, these orbs are some of the best work you've ever done. You know, when you invent things you learn through failure. And while this was an epic failure, I mean, probably the worst failure I've ever seen, I mean, wow! People were running--

Leo: I got it.

Donald: It was also, if you let it be. an epic learning experience. You know, it's a long road up that mountain, my genius.

Leo: I know, I'll get there.

Donald: (chuckles) Now you're just talking crazy.