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What's that?! Who's there? I've got pepper spray. Make that breath spray!
— Security Guard in Quarantined

The Security Guard is a character who only appeared in the episode Quarantined. He and the rest of the team are criminals who were planning on dumping chemicals in the ocean.

He is portrayed by Sean Whalen.


He appeared when Adam and Chase went on a mission to collect chemical samples to bust criminals. He was shown carrying around pepper spray (most likely for self defense), though he got confused thinking it was breath spray. When he catches Adam and Chase, he calls for help.

When the rest of the security guards come in, he asks Chase how they knew they were dumping chemicals into the ocean, unknowingly revealing it (though Adam and Chase already knew). Later, Donald comes to rescue them in a Cyber-Mask. Adam hits Davenport, making him blow his cover. The Security Guard then orders his team to attack them. He was last seen hiding behind a pole and spraying his pepper spray. He and the other crooks were arrested after their alarms tipped of the police.


  • He thought Adam and Chase were scuba divers.