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(Starts at the Bionic Academy. Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo are in the main corridor)

Bree: Ugh! I am so happy Mr. Davenport gave everyone the day off, because it is way too hot to train.

Adam: Yeah, well, lucky for you, your brother's a bionic air conditioner,

Chase: Ugh, Adam... Nobody wants your digusting breath blowing all ov–

(Adam uses his bionic breath and blows)

Chase: Oh, good heavens! That is so much better! Get my back! Get my back!

(Hydroloop comes in and Donald and Tasha get off)

. . .

Tasha: You said we were going to Greece!

Donald: Well... Davenportia is the Greece of space!

(Scene Change)

Donald: Welcome to Davenportia! Isn't it beautiful? Who needs Greece when you can come here?

Tasha: It's lovely, but if you really wanna make it up to me, you should rename it 'Tashadonia'.

Donald: Oh, honey... You know I love me more than I love you.

Krane: You may have a block, but your father doesn't.

(Chase tries to stop Krane, but he shocks Chase)

Donald: Chase!

(Krane uses Triton App on Donald)

Leo: No!

Krane: Who's your daddy now?

Leo: Big D!

Chase: It's too late. He's already under Krane's control.

. . .

(Back at the Academy)

Adam: Well, Mr. Davenport, aside from losing your entire space, I'd say it was a pretty successful trip.

Bree: Yep. It's not everyday thatyou get to save the world from total annihilation.

Donald: (Crying) I lost billions!

(Perry comes out with Dr. Gao in handcuffs)

Perry: Let's go, handsome.

Donald: Are you taking him to jail?

Perry: That's what some men call it.

Dr. Gao: Help me!   

Tasha: Well, I'm off too.

Donald: Where are you going?

Tasha: Greece.

Donald: Oh, honey. I really don't feel like travelling.

Tasha: Oh, I didn't say you were going. Come on, Bree!

Bree: Opa!

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