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And if you don't show him that things are running smoothly, I will make sure you end up in a warehouse, sitting in cages like the circus freaks you are! Any questions?
— Graham to Adam, Bree and Chase about Mr. President in Armed and Dangerous

Special Agent Graham is the leader of the Paranormal Research Team. He first appeared when the world found out that Adam, Bree, and Chase were bionic in You Posted What?!?.


Special Agent Graham has, for years, been the joke of his Government Agency that has searched for paranormal phenomena throughout America. When Adam, Bree, and Chase's bionics are exposed to the entire world, Agent Graham and his men storm the Davenport Household and has Adam, Bree, Chase, and Donald captured, but however, they managed to escape. During the fight between heroes and Victor Krane, along with Taylor, Agent Graham and his men found them, but when Bree saved Graham from being blasted by Krane, he decides to trust Adam, Bree, and Chase.

Agent Graham now owns Adam, Bree, and Chase makes them bionic celebrities and stops them from training, causing them to miss a mission, which leads to tragic results. Feeling betrayed and offended, Davenport blames Adam, Bree, and Chase for causing many innocent people hurt and ruining the entire mission, but Adam, Bree, and Chase then realizes that Agent Graham was the one to be blamed for this. Because of this, they decide to humiliate Agent Graham in front of the President of the United States. He was then fired by Mr. President after Adam, Bree, and Chase showed how bad he was at managing them because of his ignorance and selfishness. He was presumably sent to a prison afterwards.


Season 3


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