You tell anyone and the whole world will know about your family's little secret. Adam, Bree and Chase will be taken away. Davenport would be ruined forever. (scoffs) You know, I'd hate to see your family torn apart because of your big mouth.
Marcus confronting Leo about his bionics

Speed Trapped” is the season premiere and is first episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on February 25, 2013. This is the 21st episode overall. It shows the reveal that Marcus is bionic.


Adam, Bree, and Chase sneak out in Davenport’s new self-driving sports car. When Leo tries to stop them, his nemesis Marcus traps him inside the car and programs it to take him on a wild, high-speed ride bound for the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. In the end Marcus reveals to Leo he is bionic like Adam, Bree and Chase, and that if Leo tells anyone, Marcus will tell the world about the Rats' secret, thus ending with them going away to a facility and Mr. Davenport ending up in The Big House.


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  • This is the Season 2 premiere.
  • This is the only Season premiere that wasn't a 1 hour special.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2013.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Donald Davenport invented the first self-driving car.
  • Marcus reveals his bionics to Leo in this episode.
    • He also reveals that he knows about Adam, Bree, and Chase's bionics.
  • This episode takes place a day after Mission: Space.
  • While Marcus was supposedly talking to "Douglas", it was actually Hal Sparks.
  • The self driving car in this episode is a Fisker Karma.


  • Leo's metal detectors didn't go off when he used them on Marcus. There were multiple things that could have possibly made it go off: Marcus has an android body, Marcus has bionics, and lastly, Marcus has a WiFi hotspot on his neck. Though this may have not been a goof if Douglas did something to cover it.
  • The Lab Rats used several of their bionics outside and in front of people.
  • When Eddy was showing the slideshow of when they got married, one of them shows Tasha and Donald together in the house, but in Crush, Chop and Burn, when Tasha entered the house, she acted like she has never seen the house.
  • When Marcus shot his laser vision near Leo, he dropped the cookies and milk he was holding. However, when Adam, Bree and Chase came, there was no cookies or milk to be seen.


Marcus: Hey guys! What's up?

Leo: I'll tell you what's up, your time here. Get lost, creepy.

— Marcus and Leo
Leo: The hammer is down, people. (points to Bree) No more talking to boys, (points to Adam)no more talking to girls, (points to Chase)no more helping old ladies to their cars!

Chase: I was helping your grandmother.

Leo: Trust no one!

— Leo(to the Rats), Chase
Donald: Sorry, you guys are coming home straight after school. So no flavors, no froyo, no hanging with the bros, peeps, and homies.

Bree: "Bros, peeps, and homies?" Don't. Just... no.

— Donald and Bree
Tasha: And no more calling Animal Control reporting a wild bear roaming the kitchen!

Eddy: To be fair, you had your snout pretty deep in that salmon.

— Tasha and Eddy
Bree: (hanging outside the speeding car) Open the door!

Leo: (trapped inside) I can't!

Voice of Car Computer: The child safety lock is always engaged for passengers under the age of nine.

Leo: I'm fourteen!

Voice of Car Computer: You are very small for your age.

— Bree, Leo, and the Car
Oh, hey. Perhaps I haven't made this clear, but I don't like you.
— Leo to Marcus


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Clip - Speed Trapped - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

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Lab Rats - Episode 23 - Speed Trapped

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