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Speo (Sp/in and L/eo) is the friendship/rivalry pairing of Leo Dooley and Spin. Although they don't get along, they're shown to be much alike in behavior and personality.

Other Names

  • Spil (Spi/n + L/eo)
  • Lein (Le/o + Sp/in)
  • Pileo (S/pi/n + Leo)
  • Spleo (Sp/i/n + Leo)


Season 3

First Day of Bionic Academy

  • Leo called Spin "Tiny", "Mighty Mouse", and "Bionic Ballerina."
  • Leo says Spin "twirls."
  • Leo is upset when Spin moves up a color (twice).
  • Spin called Donald "Big D", which Leo didn't like.
  • Spin taunts Leo, causing Leo to punch the foundation.
  • Leo blames cracking the foundation on Spin, but eventually admits he did it.
  • Spin sticks up for Leo when everybody is mad at him.

Adam Steps Up

  • Leo lies and says he is Spin's mentor.
  • Spin challenges Leo to the first bionic battle
  • Spin uses his Rapid Gyration on Leo in the bionic battle.
  • Leo hits Spin with his energy sphere in the bionic battle.
  • Leo is angry when Spin pretends to be injured.
  • Leo confronts Spin in front of Janelle.
  • Leo and Spin both get punished.

Unauthorized Mission

  • Spin is jealous that Leo went on a mission and not him.
  • Spin calls Leo on the phone.
  • Spin and Leo seem to not be rivals as much as before.
  • They almost high-fived.

Season 4

Bionic Rebellion

  • Spin complained about Leo living in the mentor quarters.
  • When Spin said Leo's story was boring, Leo made him and the rest of the class run laps.
  • Spin was one of the first to turn on Leo.
  • When Leo couldn't escape, Spin tunneled through the academy floor to help him escape.
  • Leo thanked Spin.


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