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Spike's Got Talent” is the 9th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 24, 2013. This is the 29th episode overall.


Leo performs a magic act for a talent show. However, Chase decided to compete to the talent show as well. Leo was removed from the competition because Chase surpassed his act, causing Leo to get his revenge and accidentally triggering Spike. Meanwhile, Bree wanted to hang out with Owen, however, Adam took her spot and caused Bree to destroy Owen's art.
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Spike smashing a chair with his head


Leo performs a magic act to earn a spot in the school talent show, but loses his slot to Chase who uses his
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Leo's magic

bionics to create 'magic' of his own. Leo then sets out to sabotage Chase but inadvertently releases Chase's rampaging alter ego, Spike, to create mayhem on the school. Meanwhile, a frustrated Bree watches Adam and Owens attempt to use butter as art and create a statue of Principal Perry. Bree tells Eddy to heat up the room causing the butter to melt. Adam and Owen wonder where the butter sculpture of Principal Perry is. Bree pretends to wonder where it is. Before Owen and Adam, Eddy shows Adam and Owen a short video of Bree asking Eddy to melt the Perry sculpture. Bree decides to fix the problem by dumping a huge bag of popcorn and shaping it into Perry. At school, they show the popcorn version of Principal Perry and Spike jumps into the popcorn, rendering the magic show finished. [1]
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  • This is the second appearance of Spike in the series.
  • Hal Sparks, who portrays Donald Davenport, is absent for this episode.
  • In the yearbook, there is a person named "Guy Dystad" which could be parody of the director of numerous Lab Rats episodes named, Guy Distad.
  • Principal Perry liked Owen's popcorn statue of her face.
  • Principal Perry had a stunt-double this episode, which is why she was wearing a mask.


Owen: Adam, you wanna help me make a sculpture out of butter?

Adam: I've been waiting for someone to ask me that my whole life.

— Owen and Adam
Well, there's a fine line between entertaining and disturbing and... I think we've crossed it.
— Principal Perry to the audience
Owen: I'm gonna go sketch my disappointment.

Adam: And when he's done, I'm hangin' it up on the fridge.

— Owen to Adam and Bree, and Adam to Bree


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