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Spob (Sp/in and B/ob) is the friendship of Bob and Spin. They are bionic brothers and good friends.

Other Names

  • Spib (Spi/n + Bo/b)
  • Bopin (Bo/b + S/pin)
  • Bin (B/ob + Sp/in)


Season 3

Unauthorized Mission

  • Bob and Spin were hanging out together.
  • Spin convinced Bob to go with him to "lunch."
  • Bob seemed mad when he found out that Spin had taken him on a mission.
  • Spin tried to pull Bob out of the quicksand.
  • Bob went back into the quicksand to get Spin's phone.
  • They both get sent to the dormitories after Davenport finds out that they snuck out.

Season 4

Bionic Rebellion

  • Spin and Bob sat next to each other during training.
  • Bob seemed to do what Spin told him to.

Left Behind

  • They were taking pictures together.
  • They worked together to defeat the criminals.
  • Bob threw Spin.

Mission Mania

  • They answered the mission alerts together.


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