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I sent my people.
— Stephanie in Night of the Living Virus

Stephanie is a spoiled, mean student who goes to Mission Creek High and is a cheer captain.

She is portrayed by Oana Gregory.


Stephanie is the leader of the Mission Creek High School's cheer-leading squad and loves being on top. She rates herself a ten, and finds it fun to hurt others feelings, and loves getting attention. During cheers, she always makes sure that she is in front, and she decides where her group goes. She puts down Bree multiple times by insulting/taking her clothes[1] and not letting her on the cheerleading squad[2]. She is also very selfish because in the episode, Night of the Living Virus, she said "No one cares if you're scared, I'm scared. That's why were leaving!".[1]


Tasha Davenport

Tasha took an instant disliking towards Stephanie upon meeting her, and even passive-aggressively suggested that she was a 'mean girl.'[1]

Bree Davenport

All Bree wanted was to be her friend and join the Cheerleading Squad, but Stephanie chose Adam over her.

Adam Davenport

Stephanie chose Adam over Bree for the cheerleading team because he was strong and could help them do stunts. However, when Stephanie started making fun of Bree, Adam quits the Cheerleading Squad.


  • She is the cheer captain of the Mission Creek High School cheer squad.[2]
  • Stephanie has some of Caitlin's clothes.[1]
  • She is one of the most popular girls.[2]
    • However, she may not be popular anymore after the whole world found out that Bree's a bionic human.
  • She checks the house she is going to before she has a sleepover there.[1]
  • Stephanie's episodes aired on the same dates as the first two episodes of Crash & Bernstein.[3]


Season 1

  • Air Leo: Stephanie is hosting cheer tryouts because she is cheer captain. She accepts Adam, but not Bree. Later, she badmouths Bree, causing Adam to quit the cheer team. Then, she watches as Adam and Bree do their own cheer to one-up her, them stating "Bree cheers better than Stephanie."
  • Night of the Living Virus: Stephanie comes to Bree's house for a sleepover. She tries on Bree clothes, listens to scary stories, and hangs out with Bree for the night. When Stephanie leaves, Bree no longer wants to be her friend.


If we let her join, she won't feel the true sting of rejection. And I generously try to give everyone that experience.
— Stephanie to Adam about Bree
No one cares if you're scared, I'm scared, that's why we're leaving.
— Stephanie
If you want to hear a scary story, ask Caitlin about her sweet sixteen.
— Stephanie