Stephanie goes to Mission Creek High and is a cheer captain.

She is portrayed by Oana Gregory.


Stephanie is the leader of the Mission Creek High School's cheer-leading squad and loves being on top. She finds it fun to hurt others feelings, and loves attention. During cheers, she always makes sure that she is in front, and she decides where her group goes. She usually puts down Bree multiple times by taking her clothes (Night of the Living Virus) and not letting her on the cheer-leading squad (Air Leo). She is also very selfish because in the episode, Night of the Living Virus, she said "No one cares if you're scared, I'm scared, that's why were leaving."


  • She is the cheer captain of the Mission Creek High School cheer squad.
  • In Night of the Living Virus, Stephanie is seen judging all of Bree's clothes and taking all of the clothes she thinks is good enough for her to wear, leaving the clothes she dislikes.
  • In Air Leo, she puts Adam on the cheer-leading team instead of Bree.
  • In Night of the Living Virus, when she was taking Bree's clothes, Bree thought that Stephanie was just borrowing them, however Caitlin said she isn't just borrowing them. This means that she has taken Caitlin's clothes too.
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