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Super Durability is the ability to withstand more injury than regular humans.


It allows bionic humans to withstand extreme attacks like:

  • Only be stunned by lasers that would cut a normal person in half.
  • Only be knocked back slightly when targeted by Heat Vision or Blast Wave.
  • Due to their genetic engineering they can withstand extreme temperatures on earth.

Androids are shown to be more durable that humans.


Season 1

  • Night of the Living Virus: Adam and Chase get hit by lasers, but are only stunned. Donald says that regular humans would get cut in half if they were hit by the lasers.

Season 2

  • Bionic Showdown: Marcus gets kicked by Chase, who is doing a spinning kick with levitation, but is completely unharmed. Adam, Bree, and Chase get directly hit by one of Marcus's abilities (possibly Blast Wave), and are only momentarily stunned.

Season 3

  • Sink or Swim: Victor Krane electrocutes Adam, Bree, and Chase, and they only pass out.

Season 4

  • The Vanishing: Adam hits Bree with Blast Wave, but she only drops on the floor briefly.