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Super Intelligence is the main power of Chase Davenport. Super Intelligence is the bionic ability to be incredibly smart, which gives one a brain capacity higher than those with genius-level intellect.

Chase (and Douglas) even go as far to say he is "the smartest person in the world".[5][6][7][8] Some bionic apps require super intelligence to be used.

Only a handful of bionic people have this ability, as it is extremely difficult to crack. Adam and Bree aren't able to get this ability because their chips are older models.[3] The only other being with built-in super intelligence besides Chase was Marcus.


Season 1

  • Crush, Chop and Burn: Chase navigates through the obstacles by scanning them and seeing how they work.
  • Smart and Smarter: Chase uses his intelligence to create inventions, such as a machine that scans what someone is having for lunch.
  • Chip Switch: Both Adam and Bree show superior intelligence after temporarily using Chase's chip.
  • Concert in a Can: Chase looks over a guitar for the first time, and instantly figures out how to play it.

Season 2

Season 4

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