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Super Senses is one of the bionic abilities owned by Chase Davenport and Marcus Davenport. It is a passive ability, meaning it is part of the user's properties and cannot be turned off. This ability has appeared in every season except Season 3.


Bionic hearing is always on passively, which is apparent when the user is bombarded by a very loud noise. The user sometimes falls on the floor, screaming. This happened to Chase in Crush, Chop and Burn and Spike vs. Spikette, and to Bree in Chip Switch, when she had Chase's chip. However, Bionic Hearing can apparently be 'activated', turning it more directional, thus allowing the user to eavesdrop on people from a reasonable distance.


Chase Davenport

  • He showed this ability for the first time in Crush, Chop and Burn.
  • He has Bionic Hearing, sight and smell.

Marcus Davenport

  • This ability is shown in Concert in a Can.
  • He showed Bionic Hearing, as he and Chase were the only ones who covered their ears when Bree played the guitar.

Bree Davenport

  • When she temporarily had Chase's chip, she had access to his bionics. When the school bell rang, she fell to the floor screaming because she used to bionic hearing.[3]


Season 1

  • Crush, Chop and Burn: Chase falls to the ground screaming in pain when the bell rings. In a flashback, his super senses glitch and when he sneezes, he creates snot cannons. They glitch again later and his sneeze puts out a fire.
  • Leo's Jam: Chase eavesdrops on Ethan's conversation.
  • Death Spiral Smackdown: Chase sees Bree with her friends and uses his super hearing on her conversation.
  • Chip Switch: Bree falls to the ground screaming in pain when the bell rings.
  • Mission Invisible: Chase hears a creaking sound, which turns out to be an air conditioner falling through the roof.
  • Concert in a Can: Marcus and Chase covered their ears after hearing Bree play the guitar very loudly.

Season 2

Season 4

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