Super Speed is the bionic ability which allows the person who uses the ability to move at immense speeds. When this ability is being used, the user will have a blur behind them as they move. Terry Perry said that the user can move "faster than lightning". However, the typical lightning bolt moves at 3,700 miles per second, which is unlikely, as the Daven Motorcycle was able to achieve the effect at 400 miles per hour.

Bree showing Troy her super speed


Temporary Users

  • Adam Davenport: In Chip Switch, Adam temporarily had super speed, although he cannot control it.
  • Chase Davenport: In Chip Switch, Chase temporarily had super speed, but it is never shown or used.
  • Daniel Davenport: In the episode And Then There Were Four Daniel is shown using super speed because Bree accidentally touched him, causing his bionics to activate and replicate hers. However, it was temporary as he can only replicate one ability at a time.
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