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Super Strength is the main ability of Adam DavenportBob, other Bionic Soldiers and other Superhumans also have this ability. Leo Dooley has this ability only for his right arm and left leg, which are both bionic.

It is a passive ability, and thus part of the properties of the person who has it. Although it can't glitch, the person may forget he/she has it and accidentally break something.


Adam breaks down the lab door[2]

Although all bionic individuals seem to be somewhat stronger than normal people, people like Adam are the strongest. Strength is a primary power that can be augmented by a computer. At a level 6, it can be used do things such as effortlessly lift another person, catch a ventilation fan, even stop a bullet train. In environments with little to no gravity or other resisting forces, such as underwater or in space, Adam demonstrated being strong enough to smash a boulder the size of a car to rubble with a single punch, as well as catching a large freighter ship that was sinking.

Bob uses his superstrength

Its limit for a level 8 is unknown but it can effortlessly destroy clothing and can throw a backpack through steel doors, It can be hard to control but not as hard as higher levels. Its limit for level 10 is unknown, but could effortlessly knock an unbreakable door off its hinges, and destroy a table and chair, it is very difficult to control. It also comes with a level of resilience, as Adam seemed to recover from a fractured arm in less time than an average person. It does not dull pain or make the user invulnerable, meaning they can still be harmed by excessive force.