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Tane (Ta/ylor and Kr/ane) is the relationship between Victor Krane and Taylor. Taylor is Krane's bionic soldier, and she helps him fight The Team. He controls her with his brain using an upgraded form of Douglas's Triton App.


Season 3

You Posted What?!?

  • Krane called Taylor.
  • Krane said Taylor was a genetically engineered super soldier.
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  • Krane can control Taylor's abilities from his brain.
  • Taylor asked Krane if she can take care of the "kid" (Leo).
  • Krane told Taylor to make it hurt when he agreed that she can take care of Leo.
  • Krane and Taylor were locked in a bionic signal interrupter prison.
  • Taylor asked Krane what they were gonna do.

Season 4

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One of Us
  • Taylor kept having visions about Krane, which reveals that Krane experimented on her in the past.  
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