Tank is a character who appeared in Bionic Rebellion. He's a student at the Davenport Bionic Academy and he helps Sebastian and Lexi to take down The Team. He is in the Expert Level along with Sebastian and Lexi. He is among the soldiers loyal to Sebastian's rebellion. He fights Adam in Bionic Rebellion as he is his mentor. He hardly talks at all, instead he speaks in a grunting language, along with Adam.  

He is portrayed by Joel Michael Kramer.


After the incident in Bionic Rebellion, his abilities have been removed due to the chip removal. All of his bionics on this page are former. He may get them back in the future, though.


Season 4


Season 4


  • It's implied Tank, along with Lexi were part of Victor Krane's inner circle with Sebastian and Taylor.  
  • He likes to crack his jaw.
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