Tase (Ta/ylor and Cha/se) is the pairing of Chase Davenport and Taylor. Some fans ship this relationship. So far, Chase has been unaware that Taylor thought he was cute. Because Taylor's Triton App was deactivated however, she doesn't remember.


Season 3

You Posted What?!?

  • Chase was shocked that Taylor had bionics.
  • Taylor told Bree that Chase was "kinda cute".
    • This might imply that she has a crush on him.

Season 4

One of Us

  • Taylor doesn't remember who Chase is.
  • Adam teases their relationship by saying "When she crushes your heart like Sebastian, don't come crying to me".
  • Chase didn't believe Taylor at first, but later told the others they should help Taylor after hearing the trouble she was in.
  • Chase showed the most concern for her, and asked her how she was holding up, but was interrupted by Adam (who thought Chase was asking him). 
  • Chase didn't want to roleplay as Taylor, but ended up doing it anyways.

Lab Rats: On The Edge

  • They hugged.


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