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Tasha Dooley (Parallel Universe) is the parallel version of Tasha Davenport who only appears in the episode Parallel Universe.

She is portrayed by Angel Parker.


She is a billionaire inventor and the owner of Tasha Technologies. She made Leo bionic and was taken captive along with Leo and Donald by Agent Gordon when Parallel Leo's cover was blown by the Hendersons. When the government agents arrested her, she told them that "Leo's always discovering something new about himself", leading Parallel Leo into discovering his ability, geo-leaping. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.


She is a genius with a big ego (like Donald Davenport in the original universe). She treats her employees and others very poorly, and doesn't like when others criticize her ideas or technology. She is the mother of Parallel Leo and the boss of Parallel Donald. Unlike Tasha Davenport, she loves technology and is good at it.


Break whatever you want Leo, I can afford a thousand of those.
— Tasha to Leo
That's one of the many perks of being a billionaire. Well, that and being able to tease millionaires.
— Tasha
Oh, I'm sorry, you don't like my software? Well that doesn't really matter because, you're fired!
— Tasha
Hands off my suit, or I will tell your boss!
— Tasha