Well, there goes my plans for the weekend!
— Teddy

Teddy is the variation of Eddy when he gets exposed to a virus.

He is portrayed by Will Forte.


Teddy's face is a dark red flaming skull surrounded by fire with lighter, orange flames near the bottom and front of his screen and dark, red flames in the farther back. Even further back, you can spot some red letters. He can also then project himself out and become a hologram.


Teddy is very cruel and evil. His personality is pretty much the same of Eddy; he loves causing trouble and loves watching people get in trouble or struggle. However, Teddy is more violent and doesn't like anyone, even Donald. He loves tormenting, scaring, and taunting people.

Night of the Living Virus

Leo becomes Davenport's lab assistant because Tasha is tired of Leo playing video games all day which she claims will "rot your brain." Donald gets annoyed at Leo and gives him the task of watching a download for five hours. Leo hacks into the software to try to speed up the download, but accidentally releases a powerful internet virus, which results in Eddy becoming a demon named Teddy.


  • He locks Leo and Donald in the lab.
  • He destroys Bree's sleepover by locking them in the living room, throwing salami at them, then turning the AC on really high so they blow around the house.
  • He locks Donald in Chase's capsule then attempts to bury him alive in Power Pellets. He scares Leo and Donald by blowing flame into Adam and Bree's capsule.
  • He stuns Adam and Chase with lasers from Donald's high-security laser system.
  • He tries to kill Leo with those same lasers but fails.


First Donald tries to reset the system but gets locked in Chase's capsule. Chase and Adam both try to take Teddy out by Chase distracting him while Adam fires his laser vision at the motherboard. When Teddy stuns them both, Leo manages to kill the virus by using a laser reflector to reflect one of Teddy's lasers and aiming it into the motherboard; shutting down the virus.


  • Teddy's appearance is similar to that of Marvel's Ghost Rider, who has a flaming skull for a head.
  • Teddy was the last guest character in Season 1.


I'm your new friend Teddy. Spoiler alert-- I'm not your friend.
— Teddy to Leo
Time to torment the tweens! BRB! TTYL!
— Teddy to Donald and Leo


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