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I may not have holds with the governor, but I can drive a hatchback through a cement wall.
— Perry to Leo and Davenport

Parallel Principal Perry is the parallel version of Principal Perry. She helps Leo escape from government agents. She only appeared in the episode, Parallel Universe.

She is portrayed by Maile Flanagan.

Parallel Universe

When Leo came to the Parallel Universe as Parallel Leo, Leo came to school and finds that the alternate Perry is sweet, kind, nice, and polite, and she gives nice chocolate chip cookies to him. When Leo accidentally shows his bionic abilities, he gets captured by Agent Gordon, but the alternate Perry helped Leo escape.

Later, after Leo and the Parallel Donald accidentally ended up in school, which was overrun by government agents, Parallel Perry saves both Parallel Leo and Parallel Donald by distracting the agents.


The Parallel Perry is a nice, kind, normal, gentle, polite, and good person, unlike her counterpart who is mean, cruel, evil, sadistic, childish and bad. She was friendly to Parallel Leo in school. She also appears to be nice and kind to other students at school. Perry is also selfless, even trying to buy Leo time to escape. Like the original Perry, she has almost the same fighting skills.


  • She used to be a Christmas elf at the Mission Creek Mall.
  • She can drive a hatchback through a cement wall.
  • The Leo from her universe is her rollerblading buddy.