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I know my mom didn't marry you for your money, but I haven't been putting up with your antics for nothing.
Leo to Donald

"The Jet-Wing" is the 3rd episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on February 24, 2014. This is the 49th episode overall.


Donald attempts a death-defying stunt to raise money for a new lab. Meanwhile, Perry forces Adam and Bree to be her bionic servants, using them as blackmail for keeping their secret.


With the lab gone and capsules destroyed, Adam, Bree, and Chase are at the risk of glitching. To prevent this, Donald tries to earn money for a new lab by performing a death-defying stunt in the air. Leo finds a sponsor, Go-Go Global Pack and Ship. Meanwhile, knowing the Lab Rats' bionic secret, Principal Perry takes advantage of the secret by turning Adam and Bree into her bionic servants. Tasha does an exclusive pay-per-view webcast about Davenport's flight. After spending most the day using bionics to serve Perry, Adam and Bree begin to glitch. Donald begins to stall before he takes off, obviously nervous. Leo makes him fly by pushing a button but things quickly go wrong when Donald loses his parachute. The Lab Rats do their best to prevent Donald from crashing. Adam and Bree arrive at the lot. It is shown that Bree and Adam are glitching, Bree being jittery, and Adam wearing a hubcap to stop his laser vision. Chase and Leo are sure that there is no way to save their dad, and are beginning to accept defeat, when Adam shows Donald's parachute to the group, which he mistook as a 'tote bag'. Leo suggests that Chase uses Adam's strength to launch the parachute back to Donald.

The Jet-Wing Photo.png

They go with the plan, but when Adam removes the hub-cap to see if the parachute was caught, he accidentally shoots a laser at Donald's jet wing, causing the wing to break off and making the jet wing go out of control. The Lab Rats quickly brainstorm and come up with the idea of building a crash-pad for Donald to land on and for Chase to use his molecular kinesis to slow his descent. The plan is quickly put into action and a crash-pad is built. Bree's glitch worsens and Leo uses a package bag to keep her in her spot from speeding around. As Chase begins to use his molecular kinesis on Donald, he glitches. Donald is going from either being steadied by Chase's molecular kinesis, or free falling from the sky. Chase faints, his glitch overwhelming him and Donald lands on Principal Perry instead of the crash-pad that was built.

Jet-Wing Disaster

Donald now has a broken arm and leg while Principal Perry is in a body cast and gets hailed as a hero. Donald reassures that they will get enough money for a new lab soon, and Leo adds, "The sooner the better". The episode ends with the camera on Adam, Bree and Chase each suffering from their own glitches.


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  • Chase passes out again in this episode, the last time being in Sink or Swim.
  • Bree said that she has been living in a basement for 16 years, which is hinting that she is 16.
  • Adam is the first to glitch in the episode. His glitch is one of his least used abilities: Plasma Grenades. He later glitched with his heat vision.
  • Bree is the second to glitch. She was unable to control her super speed, slamming into the lockers.
  • Chase is the last to glitch. He faints while activating his molecular kinesis. He later loses control of his magnetism app in the end of the episode.
  • This episode goes to prove that a glitch can be sensed/felt before it happens, similar to sneezing.
  • The episode ends with each Lab Rat suffering from a glitch: Chase's glitch was his Magnetism App, Adam's glitch was his Heat Vision and Bree's glitch was her Uncontrolled Super Speed. 
  • Donald performed a deadly stunt and gained the money needed for a new lab.
  • This episode was shown in a flashback in Spike Fright.


  • Tasha asked if any of the Lab Rats can fly, to which the Lab Rats did not respond. However, Chase can levitate, which is close to flying.
  • When the Lab Rats were helping Davenport, Chase used his Molecular Kinesis and the camera man with Tasha saw, but didn't react.


Donald: I still can't believe you landed only one sponsor, Leo.

Leo: Hey, you're lucky I got ONE. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a sponsor for an old guy who thinks he can fly?

Donald and Leo
Adam: Uh oh, I feel a glitch coming on! (Punches Chase's arm)

Chase: Ow! You know what? I feel one coming on too! (Pushes Adam off the stool)

Adam: Hey, it's not funny when you hurt me. It's just rude. (Walks out of room)

— Adam and Chase
Perry: Is he dead?

Chase: No.

Perry: Am I dead?

Leo: Unclear but... just to be safe, we should probably proceed with the burial.
Donald: We don't have time. Your capsules have regenerative capabilities. They're crucial to your bionic infrastructures.

Adam: Huh?

Chase: Let me help you. (stupid voice)Capsule, good!

— Donald, Adam, and Chase

Bree: Did you not hear me?! I just moved out of a basement, I need this phone!

Adam: I don't get it. Why is this happening?

Chase: Phone gone, we poor now.

Adam: (gasps)

Adam: Do you know when exactly? Because I have a haircut on Tuesday and if I glitch in the chair, I'm just gonna end up like that trainwreck. (Gestures to Chase)

Chase: I get it! I'm short, I look like a lady golfer, and I have a terrible haircut! What else you got?

Adam: How long do you have?

— Adam and Chase

Chase: We're just going to have to use our bionic-hi!

Leo: Chase, you can't show the world your bion-hi!

Davenport: Stop saying bioni-hi, call Adam and Bree, and get me out of the sky!


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