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Thermo Hands was the nickname of a bionic person who was trained in the Davenport Bionic Academy.

He is portrayed by Ryan J. Kelly.


Thermo Hands was first seen showing another bionic student his hands, which were red. Douglas calls Thermo Hands over to cook his lunch. Everyone watches as Thermo Hands puts his hands on Douglas' lunch, which is cooked nicely.

Douglas thanks him, and Adam high-fives him. Adam is in pain since Thermo Hands has very hot hands. Adam high fives him again when Bree tricks him, causing him to cry out in pain again.


  • Thermo Touch/Thermokinesis: Being known as "Thermo Hands", he demonstrated this ability to heat a burger patty with his bare hands. Sometimes, he forgets to deactivate his powers, since Thermo Touch is passive and he often seems to forget that he has this ability. This is clearly shown when he high-fived Adam, who instantly reacted to the heat.


  • He is a beginner student at the Bionic Academy, but since everyone moved up a color level, he is now an intermediate student.
  • His ability is similar to Taylor's Bio-Thermokinesis except only with his hands.
  • In Lab Rats: Elite Force, Bree gains an ability similar his ability to heat things with his hands.