• i think their suits are  the best one yet . the suits mlook like what a  superhuman would wear   and not scub divers 

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    • I think they're better than the other ones!

      Adam Davenport
      Bree Davenport Season 2
      Chase Davenport
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    • Why Why Why does brees mission suit have heels... she runs in them and she has trouble with heels

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    • That's the first thought I had when I saw this version of Bree's mission suit.
      She's a speedster and in high heels?
      That's not physically possible!

      Especially since the episode Leo's Jam clearly established she can't walk or move properly in high heels (she kicks them off at the end of the episode to regain her normal movement).
      And prior to that happening, everytime she tries to use her superspeed while wearing them, she can't even start running.

      So it's contradictory that we see high heels stop her using superspeed and later on, have a supersuit with them.

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    • Maybe she learnt to use them?

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    • A FANDOM user
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