• Heh... heh... heh...

    Nice Natsu picture ya have there... (I at least think that's Natsu, the scarf and the hair and the sandals kind of make it obvious).

    Plus HIIII!

    How did you do that tingy on your profile? All I could think when I saw it was...

    "LE GASP!" Lycan Princess, 2015

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    • Aww, thanks! I'm debating going back to JC, but I kinda like this pic, so I'm probably going to stick to this one.

      Oh and (I'm facepalming writing this) but what thingy on my profile? lol.

      So, what do you think Leo will say when he sees S-1?

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    • Yeah... I still need to watch some Venturiantale... I actually was playing Minecraft PE the other day and saw somebody with a gamer tag I don't remember, but it looked like it said "Venturian", so I said that, then I yelled (and said in MCPE) "CURSE YOU LYCAN PRINCESS!!!" But, really, I don't care. I love thinking about my Wikia friends.

      If you go to your proflie, the main thingy on there. The huge tingy...

      I haven't seen "One of Us" Yet, but I will soon. But I dunno. Maybe he'll scream... maybe he'll be like Natsu when he, Carla, and Gray saw that guy from Eisenwald, Erigore? Was that his name? The wind dude. He just greets him. LOL, just started getting further in FT...

      Or maybe he'll just say: You? But how?

      I really dunno... What do you think?

      Plus, favorite episode from season 2/3?

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    • I kinda already saw the episode, so I can't really give that good of a guess. It's a pretty good episode, but it's not as good as BAH.

      You thought you saw Venturian? Hmm... I thought they stopped playing Minecraft... Maybe they are continuing this series after all! In that case, YAY!

      I'm pretty sure his name was Erigore... But I haven't watched any episodes with him in quite a while. *googles name* Yep, you were right. Man, I better start watching more FT. I can't even remember what episode I left off on though.

      My favorite episode would have to be YPW. I mean, it's the episode that made me start looking on here, and eventually join. The plot was really amazing too.

      Favorite Guest Character?

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    • Is anything gonna ever be as good as BAH in S4? Nope, probably not. Well... maybe the series finale.

      Yeah, I really did... Of course, they probably don't play MCPE...

      You were somewhere around 99... I'm finally watching more! I found some English dub on YT, not the best quality sound and it's a little bit faster... plus it's three in each video and if I pause, go out of the app, and go back into it, my tablet will say "LEMME JUST FREEZE YOUR FEED AND CRASH YOUR APP!!!" And my fast forward does the same thingĀ :p. STUPID FAKE YOUTUBE APPS AND NO REAL YT APP ON WINDOWS 8!!!

      LOL, but anyways...

      Good episode, my favorite episode was probably BS, because that's what really got me into Lab Rats... TBH it's probably like YPW for you. And plus, dat plot doe. I really should re-watch BS on Netflix soon...

      Hmm... probably would have to say...

      Owen, if that counts, but if not..

      hm... that's actually really hard! Probably that one girl that liked Adam, Chase, and Leo in that one episode... Leo something... uh... Leo's Jam! I totally didn't search that...

      I'm realizing that Owen was recurring... and if that one girl doesn't count either, what's his face! The guy from BAH!

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    • I went back onto CrunchyRoll and saw that I left off on 138! Man, I sure watched a lot in those 3 days I was gone from here.

      I see dat you are in chat, so this conversation will continue there!

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    • LOL okay!

      Can i do the tingy doe?

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    • Sure!

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    • How did you do it?

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    • I can't really explain how exactly, but what I did was I copy-pasted the coding from another profile with this type of coding on it, and I changed the colors and other stuff to what I like. I can't really give that good of a description on how I did it, but that was pretty much how I did it. Sorry for the terrible how-to. And remember.....

      "I SEE THE MOUSE!!!!!" -Johnny Ghost, Venturiantale 2015

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    • LOL, I really need to watch some VT... I'm catching up on FT right now though so... Yeah.

      LOL are you sure about that? Well than you need to...

      "PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS!!!" -JackSepticEye's outro

      And remember...

      "SPEED IS KEY!!!" -JackSepticEye in pretty much every Happy Wheels Video

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    • A FANDOM user
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