• 1. Which tv show is most poplar in the past?

    2. How many girlfriends Leo has?

    3. How many Ben 10 series ar there?

    4. What is your favorite episode of Kim possible?

    5. You will win against zoom?

    6. Which one of these two is smarter? (Parallel Adam or chase)

    7. Which lab rats characters win in bowling? (Adam, Bree, chase, or Leo)

    8. What is you best episode of lab rats?

    9. How many team members Leo has?

    10. Which character has more bionic ability? (Adam, Bree, chase, Leo, krane, or Taylor)

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    • 1 - my favorite shows are Lost And Stargate Atlantis, did you mean this?

      2 - 1, Janelle!

      3 - Dont care

      4 - never seen it

      5 - eh, i guess....Who's Zoom?

      6 -Adam, he could speak french

      7 - Adam, he won from Chase in not so smart phone

      8 - All of them, although i dont like principal from another planet that much

      9 - 2, Taylor and Logan

      10 - Daniel, he can have them all with his replication ability

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