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    As you may know, today is the the first day of this Wikia being an archive. While mostly now everything is taking place on the Elite Force Wikia now, we still have a few activities on the Lab Rats Wiki this month. One of them being this, the winners being revealed. Also, on February 12th, we're holding our very last chat party on the Wikia. Be sure to show up!

    Now, let's get to the winners! After voting being open for a few weeks, we have gathered in 96 responses from everybody total. That's a lot of people! So, who won?

    Click below to reveal the winners:

    Favorite Episode
    Bionic Action Hero
    Favorite Bionic Hero
    Favorite Season
    Season 4
    Favorite Recurring Character
    Favorite Cast Member
    Kelli Berglund
    Favorite Guest Character
    Favorite User
    Favorite Admin
    Most Active User
    Chattiest User

    Did you win something? If so, you can collect your virtual trophy below!

    Favorite Episode

    Favorite Bionic Hero Favorite Season Favorite Recurring Character Favorite Cast Member Favorite Guest Character Favorite User Favorite Admin Most Active User Chattiest User

    Thanks for voting in the final Lab Rats Wiki Awards. And if you won something, congratulations! If you didn't win this time, there's always next time. Yep, we're continuing these next year on the Elite Force Wiki!



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