• I don't know if they've discussed it in the show yet, but I got the impression that anyone with bionics had artificial eyes.
    Whenever they do a sequence with Chase using his optical abilities, you can see there's a lot of circuitry in there.
    And given that Bree apparently has polarising filters (I assume it's a standard feature they all have), plus Adam's heat/laser eye beams, all of that would suggest that they don't have completely organic eyeballs.

    So when Taylor's eyes were damaged, why didn't they just do what you do with any faulty machine part, remove them and install functional replacements?

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    • I don't really know the answer to this question, but I'm going to say that I think it's because bionic humans are, well, humans. Remember in Bro Down, Adam broke his arm or something and he went all super-cautious on everyone? I think it's like that. Even though bionic humans are "robots" (sorry Adam, Bree and Chase), they are like normal humans. Like that time in Bionic Showdown and Mission Mania when Chase and Bree were in danger. They heal like humans and can die like humans too (sorry, that was the only way I could phrase it).

      But androids (like Marcus) are far more advanced than bionic humans, so they can regenerate and live for as long as they need/want.

      Also, maybe Taylor didn't want to have replacement eyes?

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    • You know, I've been thinking, I'd want Taylor to appear in Elite Force for a dangerous mission, so what I would like to happen is that Douglas creates bionic eyes that give Taylor the ability so see in different wavelengths. 

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    • I doubt the situations are similar, as there aren't any artificial implants in Adam's arm that boost damage resistance.
      From what I gather, the implants are concentrated around the head and spine, they're not anywhere else in the body.
      I assume their superhuman abilities are the result of the chip hyperstimulating their muscles/neural tissues to provide whatever abilities they have been assigned.

      I assume they've been genetically modified to have higher durability in their body tissues, but that doesn't protect them from everything, they can still break bones, be crushed by heavy weights etc.
      Bree has a particular vulnerability that if she doesn't rest between bursts of superspeed, she'll end up having a heart attack or burst the heart muscles, neither of which would be good for her health.

      And no, they aren't robots. Nor are they androids.
      They have organic brains, which makes them just as human as anyone else.

      Actually, Marcus was inferior to the Lab Rats in terms of longevity/functional lifespan.
      It was specifically stated his circuits would burn out before he reached his 16th birthday, causing him to die.
      It was not specifically stated when he was created, but I assume he was fabricated shortly before encountering the Lab Rats.
      If this theory is true, his expected lifespan is no more then two years.

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    • Yeah, but it seems like he lived last 16—he appeared in The Vanishing, which aired two years after Bionic Showdown. And I know they aren't robots, lol.

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    • I assume his circuits were only degrading while powered up.
      When he was rendered inactive, I'm assuming the timer ticking down his remaining months stopped.

      I haven't seen that episode yet, but I think he was repaired and reactivated.
      At which point his circuits would have started degrading again, essentially starting the timer until his demise again.

      So, rough guess, 2-3 months online, timer paused for 2 years while he was inactive, timer starts up again when he is rebooted.

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    • Well, I remember that Donald told Leo that he tried repairing Taylor's retinas with bionic tech, but they were too damaged. It was irreparable.

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    • So why try to repair them at all?
      Presumably the optic nerve is still intact, so they could have just fabricated artificial eyes, connected them to the optic nerve and restore her vision that way.

      I assume all the hard work was done with Marcus, that any artificial part you needed to fabricate would have already been created to make him and you'd just need to copy whatever implant you needed, in this case, eyeballs.

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    • Honestly, I just remember that Donald told Leo that he tried everything, the damage was irreversable.

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    • EmeraldTulip wrote:
      Honestly, I just remember that Donald told Leo that he tried everything, the damage was irreversable.

      Um, there's a difference between repairing her existing eyes, and replacing her existing eyes.  The users above were talking about replacement (i.e. ocular implants). The damage Donald refers to is that it makes it impossible to repair, but they said nothing about replacement.  I mean, Buckmana may be on to something.  Douglas can make artificial eyes that give one the ability to see in different wavelengths.  

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    • Key phrase there, Donald tried everything.

      I haven't seen the episodes yet, but from what I read second hand, Douglas is the true genius when it comes to the bionic implant technology.
      He fabricates at least one of Leo's artificial limbs and replaces Bree's chip when she destroys it.
      And he did invent all of the bionic technology.
      At best, it seems that Donald can only maintain or adapt the implants, he doesn't have the necessary knowledge to make new ones from scratch.

      Which makes me wonder, should he have just swallowed his pride and asked Douglas to make new eyes for Taylor?
      And replace whatever parts of her optic system have have been damaged if they were?
      I don't think Taylor would appreciate having to be blind for the rest of her life just because Donald was too proud to ask Douglas for help.

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    • Yes, and Chase himself has a bionic eye, which Douglas obviously made, and it was Douglas's idea to use Giselle's technology to make new chips with the upgrade that were backwards compatible with the original Lab Rats' older bionic operating systems.

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    • What I meant was that I thought that when Donald said he tried everything, he tried everything, including implants. I assumed that the damage went deeper than just her retinas, even if that's only what was ever stated as being damaged.

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