• In Bionic Birthday Fail, Donald says he is 38.
    Two seasons later, in Taken, Douglas shows Leo a video of his 40th birthday party.

    Given that Douglas states he is the younger brother, this would suggest that the age difference is extremely slight, no more then two years, if a season is equivalent to one year real time.

    Assuming this theory to be correct, Douglas was 36 when the show started and he makes his first appearance (towards the end of season 1).

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    • Their ages have always been a bit of a confusing point for me, and this makes sense. Thanks!

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    • Yeah, they've never really been consistent with Donald and Douglas's age throughout the show.

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    • Donald was lying in the first season. He was most likely born in the year 1974 making him 42 in 2016.

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    • I do remember Leo once saying "For the record, you are way older then you claim to be" to Donald.

      Sometimes I wonder though if going for a recurring joke can actually interfere with established facts.

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