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Chase using two abilities in Sink or Swim

Two Simultaneous Abilities is technically not proven as an actual ability, anyone with bionics may choose to attempt to use two abilities at once. However, it is incredibly dangerous to try. Using two abilities at once puts too much stress on their nervous systems, so attempting this has the potential to kill them.

Chase uses Molecularkinesis and his Magnetism App simultaneously in Sink or Swim, causing him to faint afterwards. He later used his Force Field and Override App simultaneously. It is unknown if Taylor and Victor Krane can use two abilities at once, or if they just used different functions of the same ability, making it appear as if they are able to do this, but in reality cannot.


Season 2

Season 3

  • Sink or Swim (Chase Davenport- Molecularkinesis and Magnetism App/Force Field and Override App)

    Taylor using two bionic abilities in You Posted What?!?

  • You Posted What?!? (Taylor- Force Field and Energy Blast)
  • Rise of the Secret Soldiers (Victor Krane- Energy Transference and Pyrokinesis)

Season 4

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