how sweet there friends in real life they don't hate each other

Hi everyone! I'

Super cute

m a fan of lab rats its my favorite diseny xd show . Age:13   State:Lousiana   Grade:8th   Name: Rebecca (call me becca)   Favorite Shows:Austin and Ally, Lab Rats, The Thundermans,Liv and Maddie. Favorite movie: The Wizard of oz, Teen Beach Movie, Avengers,(yes im into superheros thts y i like lab rats becuz it about superherosand becuz it has billy unger) Oppsite Day,The Lost Medalion,and An American Girl Chrissa Stands Strong.


Exclusive Lab Rats "Bionic Showdown" Clip

awesome clip this is my favorite episode of lab rats becuz it has action in it and it has my favorite villian from the series marcus davenport

My favorite page

Marcus Davenport

Billy Unger 


My favorite character is
My favorite character is


Fifthbrasehug.jpg This user ships Brase


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