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  • I live in MY TOY BOX
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is A STUDENT
  • I am MALE
What the what?!
— What I say when shocked.
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Oh! I didn't see you there. I'm Andre, the bigges

t Disney Infinity fan in the world.


I started watching Lab Rats when my brother's girlfriend was over. I had to sleep on the sofa. I turned on Disney Channel and Lab Rats was on. The episode was The Haunting of Mission Creek High. Then the other day I saw Crush, Chop and Burn: Part 1 on TV. I decided to get into Lab Rats and stay up to watch it. Once I watched the full Crush, Chop and Burn, I went on the wiki to check out the episode list. I became addicted ever since.

Favourite Characters in Order


  1. Leo Dooley
  2. Chase Davenport
  3. Donald Davenport
  4. Bree Davenport
  5. Adam Davenport


  1. Spin
  2. Terry Perry
  3. Bob
  4. Kerry Perry
  5. Marcus Davenport
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