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My favorite cast member is
Kelli Berglund!


My favorite character is

My favorite character is

My favorite character is

My favorite character is

My favorite character is

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My favorite character is


Season 1

Can I Borrow The Helicopter.png
My favorite episode is
Can I Borrow the Helicopter?!

Living virus.png My favorite episode is Night of the Living Virus!

Invissible.jpg My favorite episode is Mission Invisible!

Season 2

My favorite episode is

Chase davenport.jpg
My favorite episode is
Spike's Got Talent!

My favorite episode is
Memory Wipe!

No Going Back- Last Resort Pact.jpeg
My favorite episode is
No Going Back!

Season 3

My favorite episode is
Sink or Swim!

The Jet-Wing- Donald Flying.jpg
My favorite episode is
The Jet-Wing!

Screenshot 2014-03-04-17-25-19.png
My favorite episode is
Zip It!

My favorite episode is

Douglas and bree.png
My favorite episode is
Which Father Knows Best?!

Rise of the secret soldiers poster.png
My favorite episode is
Rise of the Secret Soldiers!

Screenshot (94).png
My favorite episode is
Bionic Houseparty!

My favorite episode is
First Day of Bionic Academy!

Season 4

My favorite episode is
Left Behind!

(Bionic Dog).jpg
My favorite episode is
Bionic Dog!

IMG 20150703 074428 3770.jpg
My favorite episode is
Spider Island!

139497 1306-900x600.jpg
My favorite episode is
Lab Rats: On The Edge!

139722 1829-900x600.jpg
My favorite episode is
Space Colony!



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TV Quotes

Cool, let me see! (Lifts hub cap on his face up and accidentally slices part of Donald's jet wing with his heat vision and Donald screams) Whoops. I think I'm just gonna pull this back down. (Pulls hub cab back down)

And tape... to put him back together.

...I want my chip back! I want my chip back! (Slices elevator cables with temporary heat vision. Smoke comes out of control panel. Bree crosses her arms and Adam claps) Okay. I have to stay calm, so I don't glitch again, but just for the record, I would like to say...not a fan of the heat vision.

Leo: Big D's gonna be back any minute! Do something!!
Douglas: (Sarcastically) I'm sorry. I couldn't hear ya. Could you say it a little louder?!

...but don't panic, because the way I figure it, at this rate, in about an hour, you'll be... dead years old.
— Kaz to Oliver in Mighty Med

Cory: This was– This was– agoobwa.
Alan Matthews (Cory's dad): Agoobwa?
Cory: It was so bad, I had to invent a word for it.
— Alan and Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World

Henry: Did you provoke the bee?
Captain Man: (Sarcastically) Yeah, Henry. I was flirting with the bee's girlfriend. I was all 'Zzzz' and she was all 'Zzzz-zzzz'.
— Henry and Captain Man in Henry Danger

Henry: What about his butt? Check his butt.
Gooch: We should check your butt.
Captain Man: Check my butt, how?
Gooch: (Holds up bow and arrow) Face the other way and touch your toes.
Captain Man: Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no. You've already stabbed my neck, poured acid on my foot, and toasted my hand. I think we can all assume I'm also vulnerable to butt wounds.
— Henry, Gooch and Captain Man in Henry Danger

Ray: (Opens front door) Robert, throw it! Robert, throw it!
(Football comes crashing through window. Ray looks at shattered window pieces on the floor)
Robert: Sorry!
— Ray and Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond

Nicole: Richard, it's not a bunker. It's a toilet.
Richard: Come on guys. (Opens port-a-potty) Think outside the box. This's got everything we need: toilet... uh...
— Nicole and Richard Watterson in The Amazing World of Gumball

Whoa! Mermaid off the port bow! Ariel, how you doing, kid?!
— Scuttle in The Little Mermaid

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