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  • I live in Skylands
  • My occupation is Portal Master/bionic superhuman
  • I am a Time Lord

If you like my aviator face, find his real identity here with that link. Ha! You thought it was here! I'm BiggerOnTheInside, known for writing Lab Rats: Ultimate Destruction, currently on Series 2, Episode 13: Bionics Assemble!! Part 1 of 7 (Series Finale). Tasha died in a fanmade episode on the Fanmade Episode page, or did she? No, really! Did she?

  • My Favourite Pages are:                                                                    
  • No Going Back                                                                         
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This user ships Bradam!!!<3
  • Chase                                      NEVER EDIT MY USERPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bree
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  • And my own page!!!!           
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                                                                                                      Code: Chase Fan

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Club Penguin and CPPS'

Ever heard of Club Penguin? Ever heard of a CPPS (or CPCS for custom)? I'm on half of CPPS and on Club Penguin.


Hey guys! I edit alot around here because this is my favourite wiki. I've been editing since April 29 2014!
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