aka BionicKid15

  • I live in idk let's just say the Bionic Island
  • I am Male

Hey! I'm BionicKid15! I love Lab Rats and Mighty Med! So I'm stoked for "Lab Rats: Elite Force", I became a fan of Lab Rats from watching Season 1 on Netflix, then I watched Season 2, after watching "No Going Back" I just had to continue watching the series!

I saw most of Season 3 on YouTube, and "Armed and Dangerous" was the first episode I saw premiere on TV, and then I continued watching the series from there!

My favorite characters are obviously Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo. My favorite Bionic Students are Logan, Taylor, and Bob. My favorite villains are Krane, Marcus, Giselle, Sebastian, Tank, and Lexi.

I love the sibling and friendship stuff, I love the Cheo plots, and I hope there'll be more Brase plots!

I love Mighty Med too! That was the firsts series on Disney XD I actually got into! I've seen all the episodes and I'm really excited for Lab Rats: Elite Force to carry the series on.

My favorite characters are Oliver, Kaz, Skylar, Jordan, and Stephanie. My favorite superheroes are Techton, Blue Tornado, Solar Flare, Alley Cat, and Captain Atomic. My favorite villains are Megahertz, Nightstrike, Mr. Terror, and Mort.

Thanks for visiting my page!

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