Bionic master

aka Jason

  • I live in On earth
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Image emboar
Image emboar

About myself

  • at first I thought lab rats wouldn't be a good show but then I saw chip switch and then gave the show a shot. I started following the series as of you posted what and watched episodes on the air date with armed and dangerous because.
  • i started going on the wiki before you posted what and became a member when I was home alone once and just made an account.
  • i am a big fan of Japanese anime like Pokemon, dragon ball, naruto,etc
  • i am the master

Bionics Super strength Super speed Super intelligence Heat vision Plasma grenades Blast wave Under water breathing Super jump Pressurized lung capacity Flame vision Laser vision Freeze vision Thunder vision Wall sticking Morfmation Pass through walls Invisibility Vocal manipulation Force field Super durability Bionic gps Super senses Senses recording Viewing screen Hacking Override app Finger print recognition Magnetism app Molecularlkinesis Mathematical analysis Mental database Levitation Scan vision Sonar vision Mental link Two simotanious abilities Laser bo and laser pitch fork Sonic sneeze Commando app Bionic energy blast Lightning manipulation Saw fingers Geoleap Pyrokinesis Triton app Energy transference Laser sphere generation Energy blast Electrical cage Bio- thermokinsis Energy generation Bionic beacon Energy protection Molecular manipulation Thermokinsis Sonic scream Rapid gyration Scissors fingers

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