Hello! Let's start off with me introducing myself to you! I love lab Rats. It's one of my to favorite shows! I enjoy watching other shows like Lab Rats: Elite Force, House of Anubis, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and formerly The Looney Tunes Show. I do enjoy a bunch more TV shows, but that's a long list! I love video games. I am a Super Smash Bros fanatic! I also like any Mario game (Mario Kart to be specific), and I enjoy playing Naruto Shippuden. I am also in an orchestra. I absolutely love it! Music is really important to me. I do take breaks from Wikia from time to time. Anything else I didn't mention about me that you would like to know, please message me about it, and I'll be happy to talk with you! :)

As I said before, I love Lab Rats! I started watching Lab Rats in early 2014. The first episode I watched was Back From the Future, but I managed to catch up with the episodes before that too. After watching all of Season 1, I just fell in love with the show, and now I have seen every episode up to The Vanishing. I just can't believe how much the whole show of Lab Rats and its cast have grown. From Leo and Tasha moving in with Donald up until The Vanishing! Lab Rats was a great show, and I'm sad that had it ended :( but I will always enjoy the show!

I am happy the new spin-off between Lab Rats and Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force, has premiered! I don't really know anything about Mighty Med, so hopefully Lab Rats: Elite Force will give me a little knowledge about Mighty Med.

I started editing on this wiki in July of 2014. I currently have over 3,000 edits.

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Come visit my page again! And if you want to talk, you can always message me on my message wall. See ya! :)

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