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  • I live in the universe
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is TV obsessed writing nerd
  • I am nonbinary guy - they/them or he/him pronouns

Hey, everybody! My username is EmeraldTulip (obviously XD) but you guys can call me any variation of Alexander, Logan, or Theo (my first two names and my middle name).

I'm mainly part of the Lab Rats and Mighty Med fandoms, and I'm enjoying Lab Rats: Elite Force so far!

So that picture over there (kind of diagonally right and up) combines my worlds. Literally, Lab Rats and Mighty Med are, like, 95% of my life.

Wikis I'm Active On

I was active over here. Even though it's an archived wiki, I'm still here just to keep everything up.

On the Lab Rats: Elite Force wiki, I'm an admin. I'm on the leaderboard on that wiki.

I'm also very active on the Mighty Med wiki. And as of March 3, I'm an admin! I'm on the leaderboard there as well.

I'm an admin and b-crat on the Lab Rats: 2nd Generation wiki. Also #1 on the leaderboard! We need more members here, if you're interested!


I've started doing some Lab Rats and Mighty Med fanfiction, so if that's your thing, check it out! My user name is still the same. In case any of you are interested, click here to go to my profile. Some links to stories I think you guys would like are below:

All That Has Happened (LR; Bree and Leo centric)

All That Will Happen (LR; Family-centric; Multi chaptered; Sequel to All That Has Happened)

New Beginning (MM; Skylar-centric)

Control (LR; S-1-centric)

Just Because (LR; Bree/Sebastian centric)

Poison (LR; Leo-centric; Three-shot)

The King of Typos (LR; Chase-centric)

Simple Addition (LR; Adam-centric)

Evasive (LR; Marcus-centric)

All Good Things Must Come To An End (LR; Family-centric; For the series finale)

Subject D (LR; Daniel-centric; Two-shot)

Rewind (MM; Oliver-centric; time travel; LR characters; Multi chaptered)

Everything is Done For a Reason (LR; Chase-centric; Evil!Chase AU; Canon-compliant)

It's Me (MM; Skylar-centric; Poetry)

Counterpoints (LR; Sebastian/Bree centric; Poetry)

Brothers (LR; Chase and Leo centric; brotherly bonding)

Simulation (LR; Challenge - mention every single character [challenge accepted]; Family-centric; Multi chaptered - In Progress, back to being regularly updated)

I'm Here and I'm Listening (EF; Skylar/Chase centric - guys, this is my most frequently favorited story, which is absolutely insane. I'm glad you all enjoy it!)

Very Much in Need of Medical Attention (Post-LR; Daniel/Adam/Leo brotherly bond-centric)

Burning White (Post-MM; AU/Canon Divergence; POV rotation - Kaz, Oliver, Skylar)

Fire (EF; Kaz-centric; AU/Canon Divergence - Apocalyptic setting; EF wiki contest)

Remember, This Disaster All Started With an Oil Spill (EF; Roleplay adaptation)

Across The Universe(s) (LR; Family-centric; multiverse theory; Leo POV; longest one-shot ever)

Feel free to leave any prompts or ideas for me! New story possibilities are welcome, and I will be sure to give you a credit and a link when all is said and done!

My Thoughts On Shows

Lab Rats: My favorite character is Leo. My second favorite character is Bree. Adam and Chase are tied for third. As for secondary characters, I love Marcus, Spin, and Sebastian. Oh, and Douglas and Donald, of course. And I actually like Janelle - I know some people don't, but I do.

I love all of the sibling and friendship stuff, but I must say that I particularly like the Breo plots in Season 4. They have such a great friendship, even above their sibling-ness.

Mighty Med: Kaz is my favorite, followed by Oliver, Skylar, and Jordan. For superheroes, my favorites are Tecton, Solar Flare, and Captain Atomic. Megahertz, Sonic Shriek, and Nightstrike are awesome villains.

I also watch Girl Meets World and Best Friends Whenever. Even though they've ended, I still watch Good Luck Charlie and A.N.T. Farm on Netflix every now and then.

I watch a lot of Girl Meets World, but I have to say that I love Boy Meets World even more. Just... gosh, those guys.

In terms of movies, I loved How to Build a Better Boy, Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas!, and Pants on Fire.

Lately, I've been branching out. Not so much from the sic-fi/fantasy stuff, but from Disney. Disney will always be considered the first channel where my loyalties lie, but CW... man, that stuff it fantastic. I'm a DC fanatic at heart, so I don't think it comes as a surprise that I adore The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow.

Shoutout time!

Stardust16: On this wiki and on Fanfiction, Star is simply amazing! Such an amazing author and so fun to chat with.

Susz13: A new user, also on Fanfiction, Susz is really just super kind and sweet. Though she has a crazy side, which I appreciate! :D

MightyMed123: On the Mighty Med and Elite Force wikis, MM123 is one of the most supportive people I've ever talked to, I'm not kidding.

Je crois en l'amour: Although I know her more over Fanfiction under a different name, JC is really fun to chat with, and comes up with really amazing stories!

Here's my message to you guys specifically: You are some of the greatest people I've ever met (even if it's all over internet), not even exaggerating. You all so awesome and funny and so kind. If you're reading this, guys, thanks for being so awesome and my friends.


Chattiest User
So on February 4, 2016, I won chattiest user! Thank you to all of those who voted for me, I'm so glad that I've made an impact on this wiki, no matter how small. I'll admit, I didn't realize I talked that much XD Special shout-out to my friend Stardust16, who apparently came very close to winning! :)

On 7/1/16, I won two awards in the Elite Force Wiki Awards!

Lab Rats: 2nd Generation Club

Recently, me, Stardust16, SuperSaiyanLabRats, Je crois en l'amour, Aj732 and Susz13 have started a club called Lab Rats: 2nd Generation! We all have roles (I'm Bree, Star is Chase, Susz is Adam, Super is Leo, Aj is Donald and JC is Marcus!) and the founders are Star and I, so if you want to join, please message her or me. If you join, you must have a role, so feel free to ask what roles are available as well! It's usually a club for Fanfictioners only, but we've expanded the club, so please don't hesitate to ask about it! We'd LOVE to have ANYONE join! The link is here.


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