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  • I am a giraffe.
I'm only human. I crash and I break down.
— Christina Perri




My Favorite Lab Rats Characters

I don't like Adam at all, don't ask.

My Favorite Cast Members

Favorite Quotes from Other Shows

Liar, liar! Plants for hire!
— Patrick Star
(hysterical voice) Kill me! Go get a hammer, then come back, and kill me with it!
— Coco Wexler from Zoey 101
Coco: I can't believe he dumped me over the phone!
Zoey: But, he always dumps you over the phone.
Lola: Yeah, like every three weeks!
— Coco, Zoey, and Lola from Zoey 101
Coco: You're guys... Am I... Am I unappealing?! Would you show up at my house on Valentines Day with a pretzel from a gas station!?
Chase: We're just teenagers!
Michael: And I don't even like pretzels...
Logan: You're just an mess!
— Coco, Chase, Michael, and Logan from Zoey 101
The guy did seem crazy, he charged my credit card by swiping it through his butt crack.
— Rachel Berry from Glee

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I know this is super cheesy and no one will vote, but if you came on my profile.

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Other Characters from Different Shows

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