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Female ♡ Asian ♡ High School Student ♡ Lucien stan
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许墨 > 白起 > 凌肖 > 周棋洛 > 李泽言

Love can lead people into traps. But now... you still have time to get away.
- Lucien

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Hi, I'm Glaciersong, but my friends call me Glaceon or Glace for short! I like to create templates, manage wiki design (though I'm not very good at it), adhere pages to consistent formatting, and add files.

When I'm not editing, I study like to read, write, and draw. A good read is Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (MDZS). Romance (+comedy) (+shounen ai) is my favorite genre. I like otomes. I think that MLQC and Tears of Themis are going to be my favorites. Both games have Miraheze wikis T^T

You can find me on these wikis
ProdigyDevil No. 4Viral HitLookismLUMINE
...and more (click to see all)!

I edit a few wikis at a time, so if I've been inactive somewhere and you have questions, you can always contact me on Community Central. My main focus right now is to adopt Devil Number 4 wiki and spoof up Prodigy Wiki enough to request an official partnership.

Wow, thanks for clicking my toggle. To the person reading this, I want to wish you a happy Wednesday! I worked on this profile for hours, can you tell? I'm not very good at HTML, but I coded this whole thing by myself, so it's a source of pride. I even made sure it was somewhat pretty on mobile. The one thing I wish was that it had CSS, so that I could make some elements interactive on toggle.
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I tried to replicate the old quote format from Discord :p Feel free to send me a friend request just to talk about random things.

My favorite webtoons:
Devil Number 4
Zero Game

My favorite Fandom of all time is Mr Love Queen's Choice 恋与制作人. My favorite character was initially Kiro, but now I like Lucien. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I chose MrAngst, but it's too late to regret because I've already invested heavily into his route~ I want to edit the game's wiki, but it seems like they are already on top of things. Who knew that a Chinese game would make me learn more Chinese in one year than I have in ten years...!

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