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Welcome! I'm IvyLover and I contribute every day on the wiki!

I'm a Lab Rats Wiki user and you can leave me a message for all your questions and concerns.

I am IvyLover and I love wiki sites. I am a fan of many television shows.

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My favorite character is
My favorite character is
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My favorite character is
Victor Krane!
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loves Janeleo!
IvyLover is a fan of Chase!

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Credit to the coding goes to Katy Perry (Silly1!). Credit to the Ferbtastic font goes to the creator.

Coding info

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Favorite shows

Favorite shows:

Lab Rats

Phineas and Ferb

Wander Over Yonder

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Kickin' It

Family Guy

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Favorite movies

Favorite movies:

Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

Favorite TV quotes

Meg: That's it! I want those cameras off!

Chris: Fourth wall! You're breaking the fourth wall!

— Meg and Chris in Family Guy: Fifteen Minutes of Shame
Commander Peepers: Hater's Law 9,842: Your new favorite TV program is Lord Hater's Torture Room and Fun Time Variety Hour. Hater's law 9,843: Your new favorite band is Lord Hater and the Harbingers of Doom. Hater's law 9,843: Your new fav---
— Commander Peepers the Watchdog in Wander Over Yonder: The Greatest
Wander: I mean, don't you just wish that sometimes the constant "Hate's great! Best villain! Taste cake! It's fillin'! Fix gate! Needs drillin'! Date Kate! She's willin'!" Would just stop?! So you could finally, have a day off, and enjoy... the fair!

Wander: WOW! What a neat little town! There's a little park, and cute little buildings...games, and rides, and --

Sylvia: Rotting in one of Lord Hater's cells for the rest of our lives? Sorry, Wander, I don't think so. Oh! Everywhere we go, he's conquering planets, takin' over towns, and just bein' a flarf narblin', no fun havin', jerk! GOH! (punches) Ooh, this guy makes me so mad, I just wanna go up to his bony little face and -- (does several karate poses) YAH! WOOH! WAH! But come on, you gotta be crazy to try and stop Hater. Huh, right, Wander? (Wander isn't there) Wander? (turns to the side) Wander? (turns around) Wand - WHOA!

— Wander and Sylvia in Wander Over Yonder: The Greatest
Wander: S-low, Do-hown. There's a baby on board.
Candace: Okay. I said I given space for a romantic picnic. That is not a romantic picnic!!! That is Bust Town U.S.A!
Wander: So-rry, I can-not give you a-ny pop-cor-N. There is a force-field-D.
Doofenshmirtz: P-Perry the Platypus, are you texting while I'm monologuing?! And how are you even getting a signal in here?
— Doofenshmirtz to Perry in Phineas and Ferb: The Klimpaloon Ultimatum
Fortune teller: (to Hater) Wait! The skies have shifted. The stars do not say you will be a strong and powerful leader. Now, the stars say you are immature, awkward, and emotionally unstable.

Lord Hater: Argh! I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE!!!!!!!!!

— Lord Hater and the Fortune Teller in Wander Over Yonder: The Good Deed
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, there goes L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. They share.
— Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb Save Summer when he tells Norm that he doesn't want the other evil organizations to find out that LOVEMUFFIN shares
Denise: Settle down, Bernie! Remember your blood pressure!

Bernie What did I tell you? He's slowing down!

Denise: So let him! I'm so tired of that hamster runnin' our lives!

Phineas: What's that flashing?

Baljeet: That cannot be good.

Buford: Well, you did hit it with a lot of pianos

Doofenshmirtz: Seriously though, what's with the kidnapping? And why do you have an obsessive shrine to Peter the Panda?

Professor Mystery: Because I am Peter the Panda's nemesis

Doofenshmirtz: (gasps)

Professor Mystery: You're surprised?

Doofenshmirtzz: Well, yeah. I knew he had a nemesis. I wouldn't wanna be the other evil scientist. Ooh, an -inator. So what does it do.

Professor Mystery: I can't divulge that, because mystery---

Doofenshmirtz: Is your allure. Yeah yeah. We know. So, you tell Peter the Panda your evil plans before or after you trap him? I'm always interested in process.

Professor Mystery: I don't tell him at all!

Doofenshmirtz: But he's your nemesis! He's gotta know what he's thwarting. It's just common courtesy. You can't expect him to infer it from your complicated backstories (sees Professor Mystery walk away) Oh-no, don't-- don't tell me you haven't even given him a backstory. See, that's your problem.

Professor Mystery: What?

Doofenshmirtz: Lack of communication. Gimme a beat.

(singing) You can can it with a mystery, you don't have to be so vague. Give your nemesis some history, all the reasons your a rotten egg. It's not enough just to show him your device, you gotta tell him what it does. I think you'll be surprised at his attention span, he's the only one that's gonna understand. Gotta tell him all of your evil plans because, you have to talk to him. Give him every twisted scheme that's in your head. Talk to him, don't just stand there like a rock. He's got two furry ears so use them, I know you really want to bruise him. Communication is the key, and if you open up, you'll see. Maybe, he'll stop thwarting me, if you just talk.

Professor Mystery: How did you get chorus girls in here?

Doofenshmirtz: They're a union. They'll travel.

— Phineas and Ferb
Candace: That digital Ducky Momo trophy will...be...mine.

Stacy: Ours.

Candace: Ours.

— Candace and Stacy in Phineas and Ferb's The Inator Method.
Candace: No problemo, Mom. You're looking at the queen of mul...ti...tas...king.
— Candace to Linda (her mom) in Phineas and Ferb's The Inator Method.
Deputy Peck: Whoo-hoo! I won again! I won! I won! I won!

Farmer Stinky: You don't have to rub it in.

Deputy Peck: Why not? I won, didn't I?

— Deputy Peck bragging in the Sheriff Callie's Wild West episode "Horseshoe Peck"

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