Hi! I'm Jmyster09 I know I'm a little late to the party but I'm mostly here to edit any mistakes on the wiki and to add any info not present

My favorite episodes

  • Season 1
    • 1. Crush Chop, and Burn
    • 2. Mission: Space
    • 3. Back From The Future
    • 4. Commando App
    • 5. Chip Switch
    • Honourable Mentions
      • Drone Alone, Air Leo, Rats On A Train, Chore Wars, and the rest of the season because the episodes are all winners in my book :D
  • Season 2
    • 1. Bionic Showdown
    • 2. Leo Vs. Evil
    • 3. Parallel Universe
    • 4. No Going Back
    • 5. Quarantined
      • Honourable Mentions
        • Missin' The Mission, Trent Gets Schooled, Trucked Out, Spy Fly, Speed Trapped, The rest of Season 2 all are good at least some episodes outshine others :) (btw kinda lazy but someday i'll write all the episodes)
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