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Well Hello There!


My name is Kim, and I LOVE Lab Rats! I first got interested in this show a few years ago. Ever since then, I've been hooked on this show and I cannot stop watching it! I love everything to do with Lab Rats, and I love meeting and talking to new people who like Lab Rats! Or even if you're not a total fan, come talk to me and I'll see if I can change your mind! ^_^

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I really love talking to people, and I love making friends! I love hearing everyone's different opinions about different angles of Lab Rats, but I also love just hearing about YOU! So let's be friends and spend our time talking about ourselves and Lab Rats! That sounds productive, right? :)
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Ah, one more thing before you leave; it's taken me fifteen years to realize what I suddenly realized tonight. That the world is full of Trents. It's full of Trents, Marcuses, and Principal Perrys. Unfortunately, a lot of them easily hide behind a cute, sweet and innocent mask like Marcus, or a hot mask like Trent. Or even a first-impression mask like Principal Perry. And old lady that lives with a bunch of cats, how harmful does that really sound? Well guess what?! Turns out, it is! It's taken me up until now in my life to realize that killing them with kindness works about as well as dumping water into a flooding river. And you know the whole 'ignoring' thing? It will work for awhile. Until they get nasty. So here's my advice for you; be strong, and fight like you're taking down Rome.

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You believe in something? Then say it! Someone is attacking your opinions? Stand up for yourself! You don't think you're strong enough? Crazy talk! You can be as strong and as weak as you want; and on here, you can do a complete 180 in a single night. And that's what I did. Actually doing. Don't just fight to defend someone else, fight to defend yourself! You are a strong, independent person, and you need to act like it! If you're reading this right now, I implore you to go out, and be the strongest you you can be! Get ready to face that word and give it a piece of your mind!
My favorite character is
My favorite character is
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