Hey!! I love Lab Rats, its my favorite show in the entire world. I have watched every episode. I can't wait for the new show Lab Rats: Elite Force. I hope you like my account I had to start over because something happened. Enjoy!!! I LOVE LAB RATS!!!!!!

My favorite character is
My favorite character is
My favorite cast member is
Kelli Berglund!
Billy Unger World Premiere Marvel Avengers CU49Kxqhgs8l.jpg
My favorite cast member is
Billy Unger!
Fifthbrasehug.jpg This user ships Brase
Braseadore.gif This user adores Brase!
Bandicam 2015-08-06 11-03-51-219.jpg
My favorite episode is
Bionic Action Hero!


This user has seen all the Lab Rats Episodes!
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