aka Bree

  • I live in Wonderland
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is The ultimate "Choor" fan girl
  • I am A CHIHUAHUA!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my profile!

Credit to the coding goes to Katlyin

I'm a proud member of team Benton (look it up). I'm a homeschooled, southern, lab-rats-fan kinda girl. I take artsy pictures and listen to maroon 5. I'm quite a strange creature, but I love it <3. My Strange nicknames are: Emers , Chihuahua, flower head (from my frequent usage of flower crowns), and that's pretty much it. I really miss forth grade. (BTW I'm not in fifth grade thank you very much.) People say I'm kind of strange because I love maroon 5, but still enjoy wearing cowboy boots and watching football. But too bad for them, their missing out on a huge roller coaster.

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Bionic Dog!
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1. I watched the first episode of lab rats on a re-run on tv (Sometime in 2013) 2. I joined the wiki (July 5th 2014) 3. I went over 350 edits (Sometime in 2014) 4. I became an admin (Sometime in 2015) 5. Marty Mcfly arrived in 2015 (October 21st 2015)

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