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Disney XD's Lab Rats Wiki

Hi strangers!

My favorite symbol! 😍

As a quick introduction, I'm Firefly and I loooove Lab Rats! Funny story, I rediscovered the show after watching the movie Pants On Fire and looking up Tyrel Jackson Williams (Leo) who looked strangely familiar, and found out that my sister and I had watched Lab Rats before it was removed from Netflix. I also love Mighty Med and Elite Force, and the cliffhanger kills me.

I like to read and sometimes write Lab Rats fanfiction, although I've never posted any of my fanfiction yet. If I could apply for a staff position on this wiki, I absolutely would. Still working on enough edits to apply!

I love to chat about Lab Rats! Leave a message on my message wall if you want to talk 😀

I'm a super perfectionist and will edit out any grammar/spelling mistakes on wiki pages.

Also, I now have a secondary account as LabRatsMemeCreator! Using that account I will post memes, jokes, funny things, etc. related to Lab Rats, Mighty Med, or Elite Force.

To anyone reading this: have an amazing day! :)

Lots of love,