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  • I live in Skylands
  • My occupation is Portal Master/bionic superhuman
  • I am a Time Lord
  • BiggerOnTheInside

    New Wiki

    July 26, 2014 by BiggerOnTheInside

    I have a new wiki. I made it a few months ago. Wanna know the link? Here it is! Penguin : Herbert's Revenge wiki Club Penguin : Herbert's Revenge wiki

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  • BiggerOnTheInside

    Bionic Ted.

    June 1, 2014 by BiggerOnTheInside

    STORY BASED ON LAB RATS'S NO GOING BACK AND SINK OR SWIM. (TEDDY'S POWERS ARE BASED ON ADAM'S AND TED'S ON CHASE'S AND ADAM'S) Once on Planet Earth, a teddy called er... Ted is bionic. Ted one day saw his bionic friend Teddy.

    "Sup Ted." said Teddy

    "Whats up?" replied Ted. As they walked they saw the town bully who knew everyone's secret except Ted and Teddy's bionic secret.

    "Gimme somethin' to eat!" shouted the town bully.

    "No Jack!" shouted Ted and Teddy back to him. Without thinking Teddy just used his eye lasers at Jack the town bully. Although he missed Jack found out Teddy was bionic, but still questioning himself is Ted was bionic. Is Ted bionic too? thought Jack. Just then Ted has just then used his bionics in front of Jack.

    "Uh Oh" Jack …

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  • BiggerOnTheInside

    Hey guys! Nice annoucnement about well.... awesome. Everyone is awesome!

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