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  • ForeverBerglund

    Hiya! Today, we will be announcing the winning categories for favorite bionic, main, and recurring characters. We will also be announcing our favorite cast member! Nominations stated below made it past the pre awards*

    Ok, ok! First will be favorite bionic! Nominated-

    • Adam
    • Bree
    • Chase
    • Marcus

    And the winner is....Bree!

    Congrats Bree! Feel free to add this to your page!

    Next will be favorite main character!


    • Bree
    • Chase
    • Donald
    • Leo

    And the winner is...Bree again!

    The next category is favorite recurring character!


    • Eddy
    • Tasha
    • Marcus
    • Janelle

    And the winner is... Eddy!

    Here's your trophy Eddy!

    Hey don't insult me!

    Whatever, the last category for today is favorite cast member.


    • Kelli Berglund
    • Billy Unger
    • Tyrel Jackson Williams
    • Spencer Boldman

    And th…

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  • ForeverBerglund

    The first category announced will be for users! Favorite Users Nominated-

    • Ivylover
    • Ilovechasedavenport
    • BigTimeRusher19
    • LabRatsFan123

    Who won?

    -LabRatsFan123 Enjoy your trophy! You can put it on your user page!

    And now for favorite admins!


    • Perfectdisasters
    • Labratsfashionista
    • ForeverBerglund
    • Silly1!

    The winner is ForeverBerglund!

    Oh my gosh that's me! *crying*

    Next categories will be announced at 19:00 UTC.

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  • ForeverBerglund

    Disney World

    May 24, 2014 by ForeverBerglund

    Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund, Peyton List, and Laura Marano are at Disney World! -Pictures Later-

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  • ForeverBerglund

    Ok, I am going to create a blog post based on Kelli's instagram posts. (I sound stupid don't I?)

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  • ForeverBerglund

    Where has everyone gone!?

    Cece hasn't edited in two weeks.

    Paris isn't that active anymore.

    Katlyin, are you there? :(

    And what ever happened to User:Chaseeeee?

    And then User:Directionergirl5087 has been gone for a while. :(

    Active Users: (been here for at least three months)

    Just had to get this out of my system. I miss everyone. :(

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