Reese: Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the destruction of Mighty Med

(Stewie runs in with a hammer)

(shapeshifters march in)

(Peter, Brian, Lois, Meg and Chris run behind him with guns)

Reese: It was the greatest time in all of history

(more shapeshifters march in)

Reese: A garden of sweet revenge secure from the pests of Davenport Industries

(Stewie continues to run in)

Reese: We are more powerful than any superhero on Earth. We are one people

(Stewie continues to run in)

Reese: One will

(Peter, Brian, Lois, Meg and Chris run in)

Reese: One resolve, one cause.

(Stewie swings the hammer as Reese talks)

Reese: The Elite Force shall taunt themselves, and we shall bury them with their own confusion

Stewie: (throws the hammer) Ahh!

Reese: We shall prevail!

(Screen blows up)

On November 26, 2017, 20th Century FOX will bring you Bionic Guy. And you will see why 2017 won't be like 2016

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