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    Lab Rats

    March 28, 2015 by LabRatsBiggestFan12


    Here are there are ideas for shows if you have an idea for a show then put it in the comments please:

    1. Missing: two stundents including bree go missing

    2. The comet: a comet passes by making there bionics useless but that is bad timing since they are underattack that same night

    3. stranger danger: when he rats come back from a mission they notice that someone has been here!!! who is the supect they must find out before its too late.

    4. Adam turns into toast: Adam accedeantly presses a button and turns into toast a device created by douglas

    Created by: BatPika28 5. 

    P.S these episodes do not exist I made them up. If you have an idea for an episode put it in the comments and i'll put it in my blog and i'll give you credit for it.

    Thank you …

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